Practical Small Kitchen Design Ideas

Design for small spaces is tricky and gets even more problematic when dealing with a tiny kitchen in an apartment or home where enlarging the space simply isn’t an option. With just a little inspiration and creativity, these practical ideas for  kitchen design in Sioux Falls will help free up that much needed counter space and make room for those much wanted appliances.


Moving On Up

Install  cabinets all the way up to the ceiling to provide loads of storage space. Choose narrower cabinets to free up more floor space. However, make sure that the cabinet can accommodate a dinner plate lying flat. Remember to pack the least used appliances and other goods in the uppermost reaches and leave a space under a cabinet for easy access to a step ladder.


Shelve It

Install shelves above the counter space at about shoulder level to hold a kettle, toaster, waffle maker, microwave and any other n items that are cluttering up the counters. This will provide a larger working area making the room far more practical for its intended purpose – cooking. Flat working surfaces are exceptionally important when utilizing the space as they ensure that the user can accomplish all of the tasks that they need to efficiently and safely.


Leave enough room between the shelf and cabinets to store these items and ensure that it is wide enough to accommodate the different paraphernalia without impinging on the ability to move freely. Keep in mind that these appliances and goods normally live on the counter tops as they are in constant or regular use. So make sure they are within easy reach and have easy access to a power outlet.


Hang In There

Install a hanging rack from the ceiling over a center island or a set of extended hooks over the stove top or other area where there is some space available. This is the ideal way to store pots and pans as well as other cooking implements like cutlery. Not only does this act as a great space saving measure but can also be an attractive design feature.


Place hooks under cabinets to hang mugs, cups, cutlery, towels, and a whole range of other items that are easy to hang. Install a wall drying rack that folds away after use to free up space around the sink. This will allow everyone to access the space and also to walk around the sink freely after the drying rack is no longer needed.


A space saving idea for this room doesn’t only need to be practical. With just a little inspiration and some creativity, any of these practical ideas for kitchen design in Sioux Falls can become a central feature.