The Dangers of DIY Stone Countertop Installation

Stone Countertops Are Heavy


The thing with stone countertops is, of course, that they are incredibly heavy compared to most other materials available for use in a kitchen. This is the main reason for the dangers behind DIY kitchen installation. Their heaviness isn’t exactly something that a regular weightlifting program can help with. These are flat square or rectangular slabs that need to be carried from the side, with no clear handles available.


It’s Hard to Keep the Balance


Even if the homeowners manage to lift the piece up in the air, there’s the matter of balance to take into account. For taller pieces of stone, this is a particular issue. When the stone is lifted in the air, and it isn’t kept perfectly straight (which it never is), it’ll want to fall one side or the other. So, aside from ensuring that the piece is not dropped while being carried into the house, homeowners will need to make sure that they have a good grip on the balance before taking another step further. Since this can be a challenge, some people prefer using a hand to keep hold on the balance, obviously leaving all their share of the weight up to the other hand.


The Piece Can Break in Midair


Assuming that the homeowner has the strength and technique to lift the piece and keep it balanced while walking in, there’s still the big “X” factor to consider. Since the stone countertops are natural, no one has any idea what the material looks like on the inside. In other words, only the surface of the material can be seen. For all anyone knows, there’s a huge air pocket in the middle of a heavy piece, and it might burst precisely when being lifted by two amateur installed.


You Can Break Your Back


There’s always a person’s physical health to consider in cases like these. Sure, skipping out on the stone installer will save a decent amount of money in the short term, but that will quickly seem paltry when compared to the medical payments they’ll be responsible for if their amateur job gave them a bad back.


… and Your Home


Speaking of expenses, if something goes wrong during the delivery, and the piece of stone is dropped while being transported to the kitchen, the professional installer savings will instantly go down the drain.


It’s Best to Call Up a Pro


For the sake of a homeowner’s property, their body, and for the quality of their Sioux Falls custom countertops to be maximized, it’s best to simply make the investment of working with a professional, reliable stone countertop installer.