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A Simple Guide to a Children’s Bathroom Remodel

Remodeling a bathroom is a great way to customize the space. As one considers updating a bathroom for their child, there are many options for doing so.   First of all, the child’s age should be considered. In order to make the changes to the bathroom that the child will benefit from, it is important […]

Practical Small Kitchen Design Ideas

Design for small spaces is tricky and gets even more problematic when dealing with a tiny kitchen in an apartment or home where enlarging the space simply isn’t an option. With just a little inspiration and creativity, these practical ideas for  kitchen design in Sioux Falls will help free up that much needed counter space […]

Everything you Need to Know about Types of Countertops

Aside from choosing from a color palette the kind of kitchen countertop can be complicated to determine.  The choices are diverse.  Below is a brief explanation of common countertop choices to help make selecting a countertop straightforward.   Laminate   Laminate is often a thin decorative material bonded to another surface.  A laminate countertop is […]

Tips for Decorating a Beautiful Countertop

Adding granite to a kitchen or bathroom countertop adds a touch of luxury.  Careful planning should take place for the items left permanently on the countertop to maintain a stylish look.  As Feng Shui is meant to enhance the flow of energy using spatial arrangement and orientation, tips are included below to help add style […]

Decisions to Be Made when Selecting a Granite Countertop

Choosing a piece of granite seems straightforward, but there are a number of factors which should be determined before having any chosen granite installed in your home.   Thickness   Choosing the thickness of a countertop is often more than purely the appearance.  Thickness can dictate cost and strength.  Typically, granite thickness options are 1 […]

Five Things to Consider When Planning a Renovation

Renovations invoke stress at the best of times.  Taking time for proper planning can help avoid surprises and reduce overall stress.   The Budget   Pencilling out a rough budget can be challenging with no sense of what one’s desired renovation should cost.  To get started, it can be helpful to speak with friends or […]

Granite: From Selection to Installation – 8 Simple Steps

For many understanding, any process can help in decision-making.  So in the case of bath or kitchen design in Sioux Falls, the process of selecting granite to its installation is explained below.   Mining   Granite is a naturally occurring stone created by molten rock within the earth’s surface.  It is mined from quarries in […]

Love to Cook? Here are Five Necessities for Any Home Kitchen

For those who love cooking at home, walking into any cooking store can be completely overwhelming as there are so many items one could and should have in their kitchen.  There are a few essentials that will create the foundation for any at home chef before getting started.   Granite Countertops   Granite countertops are […]

Unique Uses for Granite Every Savvy Home Designer Should Know

Granite is known for its presence as kitchen and bathroom countertops, but granite can be considered in other areas too.  Below are five other uses for granite that can suit any household.   Tiling   Granite can be cut into tiles creating a look unique for a giant granite slab.  Granite tiles can be used […]