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Quartz vs. Granite: The Battle of the Countertop

Folks have weighed in on both sides of the equation claiming that quartz is better than granite or is it the other way around? It’s clear that for different people, the answer to this question is going to change based on their personal needs and wants for their individual kitchen countertops. Sioux Falls residents may […]

Is Granite is Still the Best for Kitchen Countertops?

With many modern home decor magazines saying that granite is on its way out and quartz is the new best thing, it begs the question as to why. Quartz has been around for years, and so has granite, but why suddenly would quartz be considered the top option for kitchen countertops when it had been […]

4 Things to Keep in Mind Following Your Countertop Installation

Hands Off! Following a countertop installation in Sioux Falls, as soon as the installers leave, it’s tempting for a homeowner to climb on their island and jump for joy, thrilled that this gorgeous product is finally in their home. While jumping for joy is definitely encouraged, it’s best not to do that while standing on […]

The Dangers of DIY Stone Countertop Installation

Stone Countertops Are Heavy   The thing with stone countertops is, of course, that they are incredibly heavy compared to most other materials available for use in a kitchen. This is the main reason for the dangers behind DIY kitchen installation. Their heaviness isn’t exactly something that a regular weightlifting program can help with. These […]

Redesigning Your Kitchen on a Budget

For Sioux Falls residents doing a complete kitchen design upgrade on a budget, the first step is to make a list of those things that you consider an absolute priority, and those things that you’re putting further down the list. There are a lot of elements (outside of appliances) that add to both the overall […]

3 Things to Focus On for Your Kitchen Remodel

When it comes to building a great kitchen, it’s important to know a few areas that need the most attention. This way you can plan accordingly as well as find the right contractor to help you keep things on schedule. You’ll have the right assistance in order to finish the project with the best quality […]

3 Harmful Practices to Avoid When Using Your Kitchen Countertops

Neglecting Maintenance   While stone countertops are definitely durable (they’ve lasted millions of years to get where they are, after all), they’re far from indestructible. Indeed, when installed in a kitchen, there’s a lot that can contribute to the premature wearing-down of the countertop material.   Of course, the durability of the stone depends on […]

3 Tips to Help Come Up with a Great Bath Design

Your bathroom is a sanctuary. It’s where you start your day, how you refresh in the morning, have some of your deepest thoughts, and a place to simply recharge. It gives you a sense of peace from the outside world, so you want to come up with a great bath design in Sioux Falls that […]

3 Tips to Help You Pick a Good Kitchen Design

The kitchen is one of the most pivotal parts of the home. It has a unique personality that helps invite family and friends to a particular type of feeling. People spend a lot of time in the kitchen, so a great design is key. You want the right kitchen design in Sioux Falls that will […]

A Few Tips to Help You Save Money on Your Counter top

Whether you want custom countertops in Sioux Falls for your kitchen or bathroom, you can always save money in a number of ways. Any kind of remodeling in the home will be quite an undertaking. To save time and money, it helps to do your research ahead of time. That way you can see whether […]