Awesome Ways to Enhance and Improve Your Home’s Deck

If you have a deck on your home, you want to do what you can to make the most of it. With things like partial roofing and custom granite countertops, Sioux Falls residents can quickly transform their ordinary deck into one that they look forward to spending time on.


Add Some Shade to Your Deck


Most decks do not have any type of roofing or covering, so unless you have a lot of trees on your property, you are going to be in full sun during the daytime hours. This can make your deck uncomfortably hot for most of the day, so adding some shaded areas are an excellent choice. You can add a retractable or a permanent roof depending on your needs. You can make the cover partial, so that there are areas that are shaded and parts of the deck that get sun for the best of both worlds.


Add a Jacuzzi or a Pool


The ultimate luxury in a backyard space is having a Jacuzzi or a pool connected to your deck. This is not too hard to do and there are a number of choices. If you are choosing an outdoor pool, while this will usually add the most value to your home, it will also be more labor-intensive in terms of both installation and maintenance, so keep this in mind. If your space is limited, you can install a small Jacuzzi or a smaller above ground pool. Both will add some value and give you some fun options for relaxing in your yard.


Add Some Lighting


You want to be able to enjoy your deck at all hours of the day and this means that you need some lighting for when nighttime comes. The lighting does not have to be complicated or fancy. Something as simple as some string lights get the job done.


Install a Kitchen Space


Consider adding a kitchen area on your deck. You can install custom countertops and make sure that there is adequate space for a grill. The countertops can serve as a food preparation area and a bar, giving your deck even more functionality.


Pick the Right Furniture


You need to make sure that everyone who spends time on your deck is comfortable. Splurge a little on quality outdoor furniture so that it is very comfortable and furniture that you will have for a long time.


You can see that there are a number of options when creating an awesome deck. Whether you choose a pool or granite countertops in Sioux Falls, you are sure to create a space that is valuable and more fun to spend time on.

Choosing the Best Countertop Installation Company

When it comes to countertop installation, Sioux Falls residents want to make sure that they choose the right company for the job. This will ensure that you make the best choice concerning the improvements that you are making to your kitchen. There are several things to consider when evaluating companies to help ensure that you pick the right one.


Look at the History and Reputation of the Company


You want to make sure that the company you are considering has a solid reputation and some experience in installing countertops. You can easily learn more about the history and reputation of the company on their website and by searching the company name on the Internet.


Make Sure to Read a Variety of Reviews


You want to get an idea about the experience that past customers had with the companies that you are considering. Because of this, it is important that you read a wide array of reviews from customers. You can easily find these reviews on the Internet, so this is a part of the evaluation process that will not take a lot of time. Make sure to read 10 to 15 reviews for a comprehensive look at the company.


Talk to People Who You Know Who Have Had Countertops Installed


If you know people who have used the services of a countertop company, ask them about the company that they hired and if they would recommend them. This is an easy way to learn more about the companies in your area that do good work. Make sure you ask questions to learn about the service they provided to make sure that they are a solid company for you.


Ensure That the Company Has the Right Credentials


When someone works to install countertops, or do any type of similar work, they will need to have certain credentials in order to be legally operating in the area. You want to make sure that they have the right licensing and insurance. You can easily ask the company for this information before you make the final decision to hire them. All reputable companies are happy to provide proof of their insurance and licensing to potential clients before they get started with the work. If a company does not have the legally required credentials, this can result in major issues for you, so avoid working with them.


As you can see, it is not difficult to properly evaluate the companies that offer countertop installation in Sioux Falls. Make sure that you use this information to make the best decision so that you can be confident that the countertops in your home are high in quality and installed to last.

Home Updates That Will Pay Off When You Go to Sell Your Home

When you want to make some updates to your home, you want to consider how much value they will add. You want to choose updates that are going to last and continue to be relevant in the future. There are a number of options that you can consider. For example, when it comes to new kitchen countertops, Sioux Falls residents will find that this is a quick and simple update that has a big value impact.


Make Changes to Your Bathroom


If your budget is really tight and your fixtures are clean and in good condition, some simple cosmetic changes could be enough to have a solid impact on the overall value of the room. Simply put down some new flooring and paint the walls to make a noticeable difference. However, if your fixtures are a bit older, you might consider switching them out. If you can only choose one fixture to replace, make it your bathtub. Choose one with a great faucet and make sure that the size of the bathtub fits with the size of the space. If your bathroom is small, you should make sure that your bathtub and shower are combined. Adding a nice set of shower doors can really update your bathroom and make it more modern. When it comes to colors, stick with a neutral color scheme so that it has a wide appeal.


Change Your Kitchen Countertops


This is a home update that can change the look of your kitchen. Make sure that the countertops that you choose are durable and easy to maintain. Granite is a great choice and granite also adds a lot of value to your home. While granite is a little more expensive than other materials, it tends to pay for itself since it lasts for a long time and repairs, when needed, are relatively simple to do. It is also very easy to maintain this material, so you can rest assured that cleaning your kitchen will be faster and easier.


Consider Landscaping Your Property


When your home looks great on the inside, you want to make sure that the outside matches. Some landscaping can have a big impact on the value of your home and how people view it. You do not have to spend thousands to get this done. Simple landscaping can be just as effective.


Now you know more about the things that can make your home more value, functional and improved in the looks department. Whether you choose to do things like replace your bathtub or kitchen countertops in Sioux Falls, you can be confident that your efforts will pay off.

Cool Ideas for When You Are Remodeling Your Basement

If you are turning your basement into a viable living space, you want to know about the improvements and enhancements that will make the space comfortable, functional and valuable. You have a variety of options and many are not that difficult or time consuming. For example, with custom countertops, Sioux Falls residents can create surfaces that are easy to care for and ideal for a variety of functions.


Custom Tables and Countertops


You can use these for playing games, enjoying a meal, as a bar area or just as a basic surface to hold items like drinks and snacks. The possibilities are endless and since they are custom, you can easily determine their size, color and other characteristics so that they perfectly fit into your basement and overall décor scheme.


Add a Half Bath to Your Basement


When you are entertaining people in your basement, it is a hassle for people to have to go upstairs anytime they need to use the bathroom. Because of this, adding a half bath to your basement will add convenience. Plus, having more bathrooms in your home as a whole will add some more value to your home. This can be a very simple bathroom. All you need is a sink and a toilet. Add a mirror above the sink for a little decorative touch and make sure that the lighting is adequate. This can be relatively quick and simple.


Choose Recessed Lighting That You Can Dim


You want to have good lighting in your basement when you are hosting things like game night. However, when you want to relax in this space, you want to make sure that you can dim the lights for a more ambient atmosphere. Having recessed lighting will make your basement more elegant. When you can dim it, you ensure that your lighting is versatile.


Make Sure to Install a Great Entertainment Center


You want to be able to entertain those who are spending time in your basement and a full entertainment system is the easiest way to do this. You might consider built-in shelving to house the various components of your entertainment system. Once this is done, all you needs are comfortable seats for the area.


As you can see, there are many ways to enhance your basement and turn it into a fun and fabulous space. Whether you opt for a major change like adding a partial bathroom or something a bit simpler like custom countertops in Sioux Falls, you will find that making the changes adds value to your home and gives you a new space to hang out and enjoy your family and friends.


Cool Ideas to Change the Look of Your Bathroom

You spend a lot of time in your bathroom and you want it to look good and be a functional space. When it comes to bath design, Sioux Falls residents can make some easy changes that have a big impact. These are all relatively inexpensive and easy to do. In fact, you can tackle most of these bathroom design changes yourself.


Consider New Mirrors


A new mirror can make a big difference. If your bathroom is small, consider a larger mirror because it will help to give this room a feeling like it is actually more spacious than it truly is.


Repaint Your Bathroom


Repainting is something you can do in one to two days without needing the help of a professional. Choose a color that is relatively light, especially if your bathroom is small, so that it makes the room feel larger.


Install New Fixtures


If the fixtures in your bathroom are a little older, you might consider installing new ones. This can make your bathroom look completely different and even give it a cleaner look and feel.


Switch Out the Countertops


This is one of the easiest ways to make a change in your bathroom. Look at your bathroom vanity and choose a countertop option that will give you the look you are going for. If you are having a hard time choosing, know that granite is often an excellent choice because it looks good with a variety of design schemes and it is a very durable material, ideal for a bathroom environment.


Add Some Storage


Having some storage in your bathroom allows you more creative freedom when it comes to decorating the space. This will also allow you to make your bathroom more functional. If your bathroom is small, you might consider placing some shelving above the sink or toilet. This way you have some additional storage space, but you are not subtracting from the already limited floor space in this room.


Change the Flooring


There are many different flooring options that you might consider for your bathroom that are easy to put down. Stone is a popular type choice because it is relatively easy to take care of and it can stand up to the assault of the frequent traffic and moisture that are common in this room.


You can see that there are a number of ways to change your bath design in Sioux Falls. Now that you have some ideas, you will find it easy to pick the best changes for your space. Think about your budget and you can choose to do multiple changes in one shot or break them up and do one change at a time.

Awesome Ideas to Change the Look of Your Kitchen

When it comes to kitchen design, Sioux Falls home owners should start the process by getting some ideas. Even one change in your kitchen can completely change the look of the room. You can go easy with something like repainting or go bigger and switch out your countertops. The choice is yours, depending on the overall look you are going for.


Repaint the Walls in Your Kitchen


Repainting the walls can have a significant impact when it comes to the overall feel and look of your kitchen. Whether you just want to freshen up the existing color or try something completely new, the difference will have a noticeable effect. You might also consider introducing two colors, one for the upper part of the walls and one for the lower, with a chair rail separating them.


Consider Changing Your Cabinets


Changing your cabinets can completely change the look of your kitchen. You can keep it simple and just switch out the hardware, or you can do a complete overall. You can opt to tear them down and install new ones if your cabinets are old and in need of repair or replacement. If the structure of the cabinets is still in good condition, you might consider simply applying a new stain or repainting them.


Install New Countertops


Simply switching out your countertops can make your kitchen look different. You want to choose a material that is durable, such as granite, so that you can be confident that your countertops will last for years to come even with regular and frequent use.


Put in New Flooring


Kitchen flooring does wear down over time no matter the material. When it starts to lose its luster, you can install new flooring. There are a number of options, some of which are relatively inexpensive. Even with a tight budget, you can replace the flooring in your kitchen. Many flooring options are easy to install, so you can usually do the labor on your own.


Get New Appliances


When you are working to redo your kitchen, something as simple as getting new appliances can have a major impact on the overall feel of this space. You can all of the appliances to match to ensure greater uniformity in this space. For example, if you are looking for a more modern look in your kitchen, consider getting all stainless steel appliances.


You can see that there are a number of ways to change your kitchen design in Sioux Falls. Consider the ideas above and adapt them so that they work for your kitchen. All of these are relatively versatile, so you can make them work for you.