Choosing the Best Countertop Option for One’s Home

These days, there are so many different types of countertop materials available that Sioux Falls homeowners looking to replace their existing countertops may have a hard time figuring out which choice is best for their needs. In an effort to make the process easier for those shopping for new countertops, it may be a good idea to explore three of the most common countertop material choices, along with their potential pros and cons. From there, any homeowner can make a well informed decision regarding their best option.


When it comes to luxurious countertop options, it really doesn’t get much better than granite. This is a natural, beautiful stone that comes in a variety of colors and styles. The nice thing about granite (aside from its beautiful appearance) is that it’s extremely durable. These counters, when cared for properly, should easily last for decades without becoming damaged or need replaced.

On the other hand, granite counters also tend to be among the most expensive, so they do require an initial investment. However, the fact that they add significant value to the home helps justify the higher cost.


Another option that’s still relatively popular when it comes to countertop materials is that of tile—particularly ceramic. This offers a durable option that can match just about any kitchen design, since ceramic tile comes in all shapes, colors, and sizes. Plus, it’s easy to install. One possible drawback homeowners should keep in mind with tile countertops, however, is that the grout can easily become stained over time. Therefore, it does require a bit more maintenance to keep looking like new. Still, this can be a great option for homeowners who want a durable option and don’t mind the regular cleaning.


Finally, there’s always the option of laminate countertops, which are certainly the most affordable option on the market these days. This makes laminate a great choice for those looking to save money on a kitchen remodel. Laminate can also be made to look similar to granite or other higher-end finishes. It is important to keep in mind, however, that laminate isn’t as durable, so it will likely require some repair or replacement down the road.

By exploring the pros and cons of some of the most common countertop options, homeowners can eventually figure out which choice is best for their budget and needs.

Projects That are Often Problematic for DIY Residents

There are many projects that homeowners like to take on in a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) fashion. DIY is a trending topic that has residents doing everything from Martha Stewart-type crafts for the holidays to heavy-duty carpentry projects. There are just some projects, however, that people often regret not leaving up to the experts to do for them.

Fitting and Installing Countertops

Countertop installation in Sioux Falls and the surrounding areas can be difficult and may require a professional. Countertops are bulky items that can look very unprofessional if they are cut incorrectly. In order to prevent mold, a hole must be cut that is the right size for the sink and then the sink must be correctly fastened in. Many homeowners think they are up to DIY tasks, but then struggle with the frustrating reality of large chores like this. Countertops aren’t cheap, especially high-end granite or marble, and can be very expensive to have to replace if a mistake is made.

Plumbing and Wiring Problems

When amateurs try to fix their own plumbing or electrical problems, code often goes right out the window. Because beginners don’t know the current code and are relying on the internet to tell them how to fix their problems, they can often run into snags. DIY projects are a much better idea when they can’t go wrong later. An incorrectly sealed pipe, for example, could lead to a hidden drip that causes water damage and mold for a long time before being caught. Electrical mistakes could lead to outage issues or house fires. Often, residents find that they still have to call a professional after working so hard to resolve a project, leading to spending both excess time and money in the long run.

Fireplace Cleaning

Many homeowners either don’t get their chimney cleaned at all, or they attempt to do in themselves. Chimney cleaning is important for preventing house fires, but it is also a very messy job. In order to get off the layers of caked on ash, the right brushes have to be used. Additionally, purchasing or renting a brush that is long enough to reach up into the chimney is quite pricey to begin with. While a chimney sweep is cleaning the chimney, he will also inspect other parts, like the flashing and the flue, to make sure everything is in proper working order.