Tips for Decorating a Beautiful Countertop

Adding granite to a kitchen or bathroom countertop adds a touch of luxury.  Careful planning should take place for the items left permanently on the countertop to maintain a stylish look.  As Feng Shui is meant to enhance the flow of energy using spatial arrangement and orientation, tips are included below to help add style to an already beautiful countertop.


Put All Items Through a Simple Test


Left on a kitchen countertop should only be items which are used daily; leaving those used less often in a cupboard, drawer, or pantry.  For items used infrequently, consider using storage spaces that are more challenging to reach leaving easy-to-reach storage for easier access.  Removing infrequently used items will create an airy, clean space, and most importantly reveal the countertop itself.


Remove or Fix Anything Broken or Dated


Once all non-daily use items have been neatly tucked away, review what remains.  Mixed amongst the remaining items might be things that aren’t necessarily used, perhaps just nice pleasing to the eye.  These might include plants and other trinkets.  When looking at them now, ask whether they add to the overall look of the space.  Are they still enjoyable to view?  If anything is broken or dated, is there a way it can be freshened up?


Balance Functional with Decorative


As listed above, functional items used often are okay to leave on a countertop but to add style, consider including decorative items too.  In some cases, sourcing cookbooks with spines that match the overall color theme, and placing it on the counter or a shelf, can liven up the kitchen.   Additionally, finding non-conventional storage items, like jars or stainless containers, can eliminate the detraction of purely functional items.


Perch Plants Up High


When kitchen cabinets don’t extend to the ceiling, it is a good idea to add plants in the empty space above.  Some believe that there is dead energy in that space and plants help to shift the energy from bad to good.


Never Block Natural Light


Natural light is important to keep the energy moving within any room.  Placing countertop items in the way of windows or any other source of natural light is not suggested.  Consider relocating these items and leaving the window completely unimpeded.


Give Consideration to the Grouping of Items


While not technically Feng Shui, grouping items on the countertop in odd numbers rather than even is easier on the eyes.  Also, grouping items of differing sizes is pleasing to the eye too.  For example, grouping a plant, a candle holder, and a utensil jar will look more appealing, then placing two or four candles of the same size together.  Try grouping items on the countertop to see which groupings work best for the space.


Stuck on how to decorate a new granite countertop, consider the product catalogs for inspiration like the ones in Sioux Falls.