Quartz vs. Granite: The Battle of the Countertop

Folks have weighed in on both sides of the equation claiming that quartz is better than granite or is it the other way around? It’s clear that for different people, the answer to this question is going to change based on their personal needs and wants for their individual kitchen countertops. Sioux Falls residents may find themselves caught in the middle of a heated debate on whether granite or quartz is the better material for kitchen countertops. Which side will you fall on?


As a Home Improvement: Advantage Granite


Quartz is a synthetic stone made up primarily of quartz and a synthetic resin that is used to bind it together. Much like laminate wood flooring, quartz can look like the real thing, but it’s not the real thing. Much like hardwood flooring granite will increase the value of your home, while quartz will not.


In Terms of Maintenance: Advantage Quartz


Synthetic quartz was designed by scientists to be a quality material that did not have the one pitfall that granite has. Granite is porous. That means it needs to sealed on yearly basis to prevent staining of the countertop or build-up in the pores of the granite. While quartz aficionados make a big deal out of this, granite is easy to seal. Still, the advantage here goes to quartz because it requires no maintenance.


In Terms of Durability: Draw


Both are incredibly hard stones and durable materials. They don’t chip easily and the won’t scratch up easily either. You’re more likely to ruin the edge of your knife than you are countertop made from either material.


In Terms of Versatility: Advantage Quartz


Since quartz is synthetic it’s a lot easier to dye or stain, which makes it quite versatile as an option, especially for those that gravitate toward stone. Granite comes in a number of different colors, textures, and graining patterns, and most homeowners aren’t going to have a problem finding a style that suits their needs exactly, but still the advantage goes to quartz.


In Terms of Cost: Advantage Granite


Granite starts cheaper than quartz but on the high end it can get more expensive. In terms of return on investment however, granite is second to none. It’s not as pricey as other natural stones, but is among the most durable.


In Terms of Aesthetic Quality: Advantage Granite


The caveat here is that newer quartz can be made to resemble granite, marble, or pretty much anything else. But it’s hard to say that the natural beauty crafted by Mother Nature isn’t as gorgeous as our man made attempts to emulate it. Nonetheless this is completely subjective and open for debate.