Love to Cook? Here are Five Necessities for Any Home Kitchen

For those who love cooking at home, walking into any cooking store can be completely overwhelming as there are so many items one could and should have in their kitchen.  There are a few essentials that will create the foundation for any at home chef before getting started.


Granite Countertops


Granite countertops are a chef’s dream.  Aside from looking luxurious, the characteristics of granite are meant for cooking.  Ready to handle hot temperatures, there is less need for the delicacy of a countertop like laminate.  Also, granite is known to be durable and therefore resistant to cracks and scratching.  Finally, once granite is sealed, it is less porous and therefore resists bacteria. Be sure to connect with a reputable supplier in Sioux Falls when seeking a new granite kitchen countertop.




It goes without saying that knives are crucial in any kitchen; therefore it’s to splurge on good knives.  Consider purchasing a few core knives, and adding on as the budget permits.  Inexpensive knives dull quickly, where more expensive knives hold their sharpness for much longer.  Also, where more inexpensive knives are difficult to sharpen, costlier knives often include a sharpener for real longevity.  Good knives may never need replacing.  To get started consider purchasing a chef’s knife, slicer, utility knife, and a paring knife.


Cutting Board


A requirement for any chef is a reliable cutting board, making a bamboo board a suitable choice.  Bamboo is a very sturdy wood, making scarring from cutting challenging.  Scarring does impact the appearance of the board, but most importantly makes it more challenging for bacteria to sit in cracks and grow.  In addition, bamboo tends to ward off the water, further enhancing its longevity in the kitchen.  Of course, putting a wooden cutting board through a dishwasher will only reduce the water-resistant nature of the board, so ensure to clean the cutting board by wiping with a cleaner – never through the dishwasher.


Gas Range


If the choice is available, a gas range is a necessity for any professional kitchen.  When compared to electric cooktops, gas cooktops provide instant adjustment in temperature.  As they don’t require the need to heat up or cool down, any change in the dial is instantly transferred to whatever is being cooked.  A gas range provides a consistent cooking temperature.  Finally, a gas range heats instantly when compared to an electric cooktop which takes time to reach temperature initially.


Appropriate Cookware


The availability of cookware choices are endless.  The reactivity – how the food reacts chemically to the food is being cooked in; the conduction, how the cookware transfer the heat from the cooktop to the food; all contribute to the type of cookware necessary. Giving careful consideration to what is being cooked including the type of cooking apparatus (gas versus electric) can dictate which cookware is best.  While cookware can costs thousands of dollars, great cookware can be purchased without breaking the bank.


For any at home chef, consider installing a granite countertop, a high-end knife collection, a bamboo cutting board, a gas range, and appropriate cookware.