Everything you Need to Know about Types of Countertops

Aside from choosing from a color palette the kind of kitchen countertop can be complicated to determine.  The choices are diverse.  Below is a brief explanation of common countertop choices to help make selecting a countertop straightforward.




Laminate is often a thin decorative material bonded to another surface.  A laminate countertop is beneficial for those working with a restrictive budget as it is considered less expensive.  Also, laminate color opportunities provide hundreds of color opportunities.  Different from quartz, concrete, marble, and granite, laminate is not heat resistant and does not polish.  Laminate is a good choice for those working with a limited budget, and for those who tire of their choice quickly.





Quartz, also known as quartz composite, is often confused with granite as both result in a hard stone-like surface and a polished top.  Quartz, however, is man-made in the sense that aside from quartz itself, a quartz countertop also includes resins, polymers, and various types of pigments.  In contrast to granite, quartz is more likely to have a finish exacting matching any sample previewed as it isn’t naturally occurring like granite.  Additionally, quartz is known for its durability and easy-to-clean surface.




Concrete is an exceptionally versatile choice for countertops.  Offering limitless color options, endless size options, and many edging options too.  Unique from other choices, the texture of concrete can be adjusted too.  As concrete is porous, a sealant is required to prevent staining, however, even then concrete is known to stain and etch easily.




Marble, similar to granite, is naturally occurring rock.  Unique from granite though, marble is made of metamorphosed limestone.  As marble is naturally occurring no two pieces will be identical, although similar styles are possible.  Marble, as a countertop, is very expensive, prone to etching and scratching, and is quite porous.  When compared to granite, marble is not as hard.





Granite is known as a luxury countertop surface.  Known to glisten when polished, granite is a phenomenal choice when looking for a top quality result.  Granite is mined from the earth formed over millions of years from molten lava.  For this reason, no two pieces will be identical.  Each piece of granite will be unique to you as it is cut from slabs which are formed from indigenous rock within the earth’s surface.  It is for this reason that using the sample of granite.  Granite is beneficial as it’s known to create luxurious surfaces – those looking more expensive.  Also, granite is exceptionally sanitary, durable, can sustain hot temperature and ultra-low maintenance.  Granite countertops are available everywhere, including  Sioux Falls.


To choose the right countertop for any project, consider the budget, the durability needed, and finally, the desired look to choose between laminate, quartz, concrete, marble, and granite.