Decisions to Be Made when Selecting a Granite Countertop

Choosing a piece of granite seems straightforward, but there are a number of factors which should be determined before having any chosen granite installed in your home.




Choosing the thickness of a countertop is often more than purely the appearance.  Thickness can dictate cost and strength.  Typically, granite thickness options are 1 and ¼ inch (3 cm) and ¾ inch (2 cm).  While thicker granite was popular over the last number of years, thinner granite is becoming more common.  Of course, the thicker the cut, the stronger it will be.




As granite can be sharp and chip easily (when exposed), choosing an edge style will be substantial.  There are three main types of edges – straight, curved and fancy.  There are numerous types of straight edges, which do not necessarily result in sharp edges, as even a more square edge will be subtly rounded leaving it smooth to the touch.  Rounded edges are self-explanatory and suit individuals who worry about children bumping pointed surfaces.  Rounded edges can be selected to match the overall feel of the balance of the room.  Finally, fancy edges are meant to be featured.  In other words, a fancy edge is a good choice when the focal point of the room is the beautiful granite surface itself.  A fancy edge may be a less desirable choice when there is another part of the room that demands attention.




There are three predominant types of granite finishing.  A polished finish is the most common type.  This finish results in a shiny, smooth, gleaming surface.   A honed surface is less shiny, and non-reflective.  A honed surface is less prone to showing scratches.  A rough surface is exactly as it sounds.  Rough granite surfaces are the most natural in the sense that after being cut from a quarry, they have very little finishing work done to them, leaving the stone very near its original finish.




Finding a reputable granite supplier is imperative when sourcing granite.  A good supplier will guide provide options for edging, color, thickness, and finish.  Also, they will answer questions and ensure delivery is within the promised amount of time. Finally, a professional granite supplier will offer (or suggest) a reliable installer.  Primarily a great granite supplier will guide one through the entire process.  To find a granite supplier in Sioux Falls, check your local listings.


When choosing granite give thought to the thickness, edging, finish, and supplier.  Searching images online or through magazines can be a helpful source of inspiration when looking to gather a sense of a desired outcome.  Once armed with a sense of style, speaking with a trusted Sioux Falls granite vendor is recommended.