Choosing a Back splash – Here are Five Backsplashes Ideas to Consider

A kitchen back splash is meant to allow for easy clean-up of food when cooking or prepping food.  The back splash can also add a touch of style when chosen correctly. As there are endless choices of back splash, a few of the top choices are listed below helping to make one’s ultimate decision a little bit simpler.




As one can imagine, adhering full brick to any wall is challenging due to weight and loss in overall depth to the room.  A brick alternative is a brick veneer which is often only ¾ inch thickness while still offering the feel of a full brick.  Brick is a great selection when seeking a historic look and creating a warm feeling space.  A brick surface, while not required to be sealed, simplifies the cleaning process.


Glass Tile


Glass tile can be a stylish, yet cost-effective, and easy-to-clean, choice for many.  Available in endless color options and patterns, glass tiles are simple to install, and easy to wipe clean.  For allergy sufferers, glass tiles are also mildew resistant.  Options for glass tiles includes subway tiles, mosaics, and tile borders.  Additionally, more transparent tiles can be adhered to a painted wall creating yet a different look altogether.




While granite can be used as a countertop surface, it can also be used as a backsplash.  Where custom countertops like those in Sioux Falls are possible, so too are granite tiles.  One option includes using the chosen countertop granite as a backsplash.  To create a new texture, breaking the surface into tiles can add unique dimensions.  Alternatively, choosing an entirely different granite, with various colors, and finish can add a pop of styles.




A painted backsplash is predominantly selected for budget constraints.  That being said, it can still add style, when carefully selected, and when using the right paint, will still wipe clean.  Consider adding a contrasting color to make the wall pop.  Additionally, consider wall quotes or stencil to add unique dimensions to the paint itself.




Also considered a painted backsplash but unique in purpose is the chalkboard backsplash.  In addition to providing a low-cost backsplash, a chalkboard backsplash consists of black paint which can be written on with chalk.  The benefits are leaving a space for writing lists or a place for chalk art.  Finally, a chalkboard backsplash will be dynamic in that it will likely never look the same.  A chalkboard backsplash is a great choice for busy families.


Finally, once the type of backsplash has been selected, also needing consideration is the color, size, and pattern of the product.  If wavering in any way, leafing through magazines can be a great way to find a picture representing the finished look.