4 Perks of Working With a Professional Stone Installer

They’ll Take Care of the Weight


This is definitely the most notable perk of working with a professional stone installer. Although they might seem innocent when laid flatly as a kitchen surface, stone countertops tend to come in at an incredible weight per square foot. Indeed, a large enough piece of stone can weight hundreds of pounds – in just one piece. Needless to say, most homeowners appreciate avoiding the critical step of carrying the granite into the home. Aside from the heaviness of the lift, carrying a stone into a house without the help of a professional can lead to incredibly injury as well as damage to the home if the stone is dropped. It’s best for homeowners to avoid going through the nightmare of DIY stone installation, instead contracting the work to professionals who are well used to hauling the stone.


Absolute Precision


Granted, stone countertop installation isn’t rocket science. However, in order for it to be done properly, it does require precise measurements and acute attention to detail. Indeed, when a stone countertop is installed by an amateur, their guests can usually tell the difference if they look closely enough, whether it’s because the stone is offset with the walls, or the cabinet caulking could have been avoided with a little re-adjustment of the stone. The joints of the stone, too, are a big factor. If there is one or several joints connecting your kitchen together, it’s important that these joints be attached and finished properly, with precision. Perfection on the installer’s part will be mostly unnoticeable, though imperfection will be discernible much more quickly.


Adaptation to Obstacles


Even if a homeowner manages to haul the stone into the house, there’s likely to be a series of obstacles that get in their way. For instance, a crooked wall can be meddlesome in ensuring that the countertop is installed in a mis-aligned manner. A homeowner, unable to identify and resolve the issue, might give up early at this point, saying that the misalignment is “good enough” however, a professional stone installer knows that the only way to proceed when facing a crooked wall is to cut it just enough for the corner of the countertop to slide into it. A crooked wall is only one of the examples of what could go wrong in a countertop installation. When issues arise, experience is the main thing needed to get things back on track.


A Reliable Installation


Most importantly of all, whether it’s for a kitchen or bath design in Sioux Falls, homeowners who work with professional stone installers are guaranteed a reliable installation, one that will last well into the decades to come.